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Sometimes I draw things and leave them here to steal precious seconds away from your life.

Anonymous asked: Hey sweet potato, will you be posting your commission art things on the tumble-space? Your art is fab and it physically pains me to see such a lack of recent art on here. Good luck! :*

Planning on it!

Anonymous asked: If someone were to ask you for a nsfw commission, would you do it or is that off-limits? Just out of curiosity, it's not very likely to happen.

I have zero experience with that kind of thing, so you’re probably better off looking somewhere else.

Commission-y things now available


After getting financially drained due to tax season, I’m trying to raise a little extra money by offering custom drawings over in a SUPER SECRET section of that I’m only telling all of you Tumblr cupcakes about for now.

Check it out over here

There’s three options available:

  • Custom dumb comic, similar to this and this
  • Small drawing, 5x7” of anything you want!
  • Large drawing 8.5x11” of ALSO anything you want!

I’ll send the completed thing to any email address you provide after 2-6 days. So if you’re interested in any of that and would like to purchase something, that’d be neat! If you don’t want to purchase anything, that’s also fine because I still think you’re great <3

Mr. Digsby keeps the smart knowledge coming.

Anonymous asked: When you're looking for a little inspiration cinematography-wise, any movies you would specifically recommend?

Any Stanley Kubrick movie is a really good visual inspiration for me personally. Mainly A Clockwork Orange. I love the colors in it so much.


Although as far as rad cinematography goes, you can’t beat Fargo, or anything that Roger Deakins does for that matter.


This one shot of Jerry walking to his car in the snow is one of my most favorite shots ever <3


But hey, if you want inspiration for anything, the best thing you can do is to go seek it out for yourself!

Anonymous asked: will you be crowdsourcing the season 3 dvd cover design?

We’ve already got our buddy Keith working on it! He did such a great job with the second season’s cover that we asked for an encore :D

I was just sent the first draft of it today, and it’s looking hell of tight bro.

Mystery box.