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Sometimes I draw things and leave them here to steal precious seconds away from your life.

tinyjerkface asked: There's a town in Oklahoma called THACkerville. Coincidence? I think not...

Guess I know where we’re building THAC World Headquarters now.


hey i know some of you guys might be new fans of THAC so i thought i’d let you know what it stands for ^_^



THAC filing system.

Anonymous asked: Troy, what would the Inner City Craig Digsby look like?

Exactly the same, duh.

pinkhairedhornet asked: Do you think Dog Dog would ever want to travel through time to meet the young Patrick Swayze?



Tim is really good at this new musical instrument.

Here’s a new DOS-O-RAMA with Joseph and I in the driver’s seat. This one is about cars.

Anonymous asked: pelvic thrusts violently hey troy how ya doin